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New Annual Event date: 24th June 2015

The date for the SNS Annual event has changed to Wednesday 24th June 2015.

This year’s one-day conference will have a dual focus on two of the SNS’s programme areas – sustainable resource management and the sustainable use of chemicals.

The event will provide a highly current update on standardisation work such as the EU Commission’s planned standards programme for material efficiency aspects of energy-related products, a critical tool for pushing forward the integration of resource aspects into the Eco-Design Directive for energy-related products.

The event will also discuss the ambitions of BSI’s newly convened technical committee for Sustainable Resource Management and presentations on the EU circular economy package and a proposed UK Office for Resource Management will provide some wider UK policy context.

Linking the resource and the chemicals agendas, the need for chemicals safety in facilitating increased resource circularity will be highlighted. Three presentations will discuss the role of standards in the use of flame retardants in electrical and electronic equipment, a pan-EU project to develop guidance for compliance with chemicals regulations in wider product standards and the drafting of a European standard for the responsible development of nano-technologies.

Each presentation will be followed by a Q&A session and ample networking opportunities will be provided during and after the event.

Venue and timings:

Human Rights Action Centre, London

Wednesday 24th June 2015

9.30am – 4.30pm

The full programme will be available soon on the SNS website.

To book your ticket (free of charge), please register at Eventbrite.

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