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Work programme news - October 2014

The SNS is currently represented on ten BSI committees concerned with standards on biodiversity, electric vehicles, energy management, energy performance of buildings, environmental management, nanotechnologies and waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Three committees have been particularly active over the past months, delivering wide-ranging work programmes in response to European Commission mandates.

NTI/01 – Nanotechnologies has been followed by SNS expert Dr Steve Lofts of the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology for a little under twelve months now, tracking draft standards for ‘Nano-responsible development’ and the labelling of materials and final products containing nano-scale substances. Steve recently also joined a project group to develop standards for the treatment of nano-materials when they become waste and will monitor standards being drafted on the lifecycle assessment of nano-materials.

Independent energy and buildings consultant Roger Hitchin has been representing the SNS on B/540: Energy performance of materials, components and buildings and RHE/2: Ventilation for buildings, heating and hot water services since the start of 2014. B/540 and RHE/2 mirror the equivalent committees of the European standards institution CEN and are tasked with contributing to the development of European standards implementing the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

As part of this programme, a draft ‘Overarching standard’ was recently published for comment, which sets out the general concepts and principles for the overall energy use and definition of energy ratings for buildings under EPBD. Roger undertook a thorough review of the draft standard with a view to formulating the SNS’s contribution to the expected immediate revision process.

A new area the SNS is about to adopt as part of its work programme is the CEN-led programme on Bio-based products.

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