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Members, experts and partner organisations

Our members are UK sustainability organisations representing different aspects of the spectrum of environmental and social sustainability. A number of these organisations field staff members who participate as SNS experts in BSI technical committees.


Current members include:













We also work closely with partner organisations engaged in representing sustainability in standardisation in other countries, notably at European level and in Germany:


ECOS, the European Environmental Citizens’ Organisation for Standardisation, was formed in 2001 and participates in the development of European standards by engaging with the European Standardization Organisations (e.g. CEN- CENELEC and ETSI). ECOSis recognized by the European Commission as an official societal stakeholder under Regulation 1025/2012.


The Koordinierungsbüro Normungsarbeit der Umweltverbände (KNU) was launched in1999 as an ongoing joint initiative by three leading environmental organizations to facilitate environmental interest representation in standards development in Germany. It is recognised and funded by the Bundesumweltamt, the German environment agency.


In the UK, we work closely with the British Standards Institution (BSI) to facilitate the participation of sustainability organisations in its committees and technical work.  


Why get involved?

Because standards cover the entire spectrum of environmental and social sustainability, the SNS draws on a wide network of organisations and individuals working across the sustainability field, including NGOs, academic institutions, consultancies as well as professional associations.


Members’ specialist knowledge of technical issues and their political and legislative context provides the SNS with a pool of expertise to critically assess the content of draft standards and to ensure that the environmental requirements set out in standards reflect best practice or best available technology.


The SNS occupies a unique position within the UK sustainability sector that allows it to bring together knowledge of policy, legislation and standards in the context of environmental protection.


Since its inception, the SNS has developed an in-depth understanding of the standards development process, as well as their role in implementing regulatory as well voluntary requirements. With the ongoing support of BSI, it has established access to the relevant technical committees and to documentation related to draft standards.


As such, the SNS is able to act as a gateway for member organisations wishing to become involved in standards development and can help filter information that may otherwise be too resource-intensive to monitor and assess.



How to get involved

There are a number of ways to become involved in the work of the SNS. Organisations and individuals are invited to:


  • join as an SNS member (free of charge)

  • sign up to our twice-yearly newsletter and our mailing list for Calls to Action

  • act as advisors on policy, legislation or technical content

  • become an expert on technical committees or join an expert task force

  • respond to Calls for Action on specific issues

  • submit comments on draft standards

  • attend our annual event and standards-related training events

  • find out about specific standards that may impact on your area of interest/expertise


Please contact us to find out more or to get involved.




how to get involved
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