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Representing sustainability interests in standards development

About us

The Sustainability Network for Standardisation is a UK-wide initiative to safeguard the representation of environmental and social sustainability interests in the standards development process. Even though standards are a defining aspect of modern life, their presence largely goes unnoticed. Standards play an increasingly significant role in implementing European environmental laws and policies. To name but a few, a wide range of standards are being developed to set out uniform measurement methods for the energy efficiency of household appliances and of buildings, to help facilitate a European-wide infrastructure for electrical vehicles and to prevent potential negative impacts from new technologies such as nanomaterials.


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Work Programme

Standards cover a wide spectrum of environmental and social sustainability concerns.

Our current work programme spans the following areas:

Bio-based Products


Chemicals use in Electronic Equipment

Electric Vehicles



Energy performance

of buildings

Environmental Management

Nanotechnologies and materials

Waste electrical and electronic equipment

Material efficiency & the circular economy
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